Conservation of Water and Energy

Bricor Water and Energy Conservation



Water and Energy Conservation

A dedicated company making a BIG impact in the Water Conservation Industry. Bricor Analytical, Inc. began from the desire to offer the public a truly exceptional showering experience, while making a difference for the rest of the environment. Water and energy conservation was the driving force behind our commitment to creating some of the BEST low-flow shower heads and water saving products on the market today. Our products can be found in residential homes, hotels, universities, apartments and military bases throughout this country. When you purchase a product from Bricor you can be assured you are getting the best quality product the market has to offer, designed and built to last for years and years.

Our talented engineers are consistently striving to develop new products to help in the conservation of water and the reduction of energy used to heat that water. Our goal is simple… to preserve fresh clean water for future generations, preserve fossil fuels, and protect natural habitats. Each of us has the ability to make an impact – why not start here?

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