Commercial Shower Heads

Commercial shower heads from the leader in water saving technology.

Commercial Applications

Power shower applications.

Our commercial showerheads are designed with a powerful steam of water that reduces water expenses. Our ultra low flow shower head is designed and built to last. They have been used in hotels, universities, apartments and military bases for years. Only recently have they been made available to the general public.

Our custom commercial showerheads are installed all around the country.

We are already in many places around the country and are providing more and more commercial shower heads, aerators and pre-rinse sprayers every day. Our customers know how important it is to conserve water and are happy to use our ultra low flow commercial shower heads in their institutions because they know they are getting a quality product that will last, save money, and help them do their part to save the planet.

What clients are saying about our commercial showerheads…

“We have received really great customer feedback on your Bricor shower head products since they’ve been installed. We look forward to promoting the new massage shower head to our remaining properties and Franchisee’s. The Bricor products speak for themselves!”

-Michael Milburn – Director, Energy & Sustainability Dept.

LQ Management, LLC
“The Bricor Low-Flow Showerhead was the product of choice after our Mechanical Engineering department thoroughly tested the Bricor product against all comers.”

-Stanford University

“We installed the new Bricor showerheads in the pool locker room. Even at 1.25 gallons per minute they work great! We will be buying more for our guest rooms this year.”

-Mark Leili – Facilities Supervisor

YMCA – Estes Park, CO
“…our group has installed 426 Bricor (Pre-Rinse Sprayer) units in the state of Illinois… after installing these units this summer, I have yet to field a single complaint! Our work is incredibly easier when we believe in the products we promote – thank you.”

-David Kilgore – Energy Program Engineer

SAIC Energy, Environment & Infrastructure Solutions
“I am pleased to report that the EcoFit’s operation actually exceeded my expectations. One cannot often say that about a purchase. The shower stream actually is more luxurious than the old 3.5 (GPM) shower head that I used it to replace. You have produced a great product and, just as important, one that redounds to the greater public good of conservation.”

-Matt McCarthy

Hyatt Regency Sacramento
“Very happy with our new shower heads. So far the feedback has been positive on the guest experience and water savings is a plus. Guests see them as an upgrade and not a conservation item. Love them.”

-Charlie Bane

Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead
“The showerheads have been absolutely perfect, we have had zero complaints. In fact, folks are saying that our water pressure is better. I believe the model I have is the resort style. Bricor actually put our hotel logo on shower head.”

-Wes Shirley, Director of Engineering

Island Park – Yellowstone Cabins
“Installed the new shower heads (EcoFit PC)….I love the pressurized flow, and I can get a few more showers now than before, which is really important to my vacation rental guests! Thanks so much for going the extra mile to get me the shower heads so quickly, and thanks for making such a great product. You guys rock!”

-Debbie and David

Score Platinum LEED Points with our Ultra Low Flow Commercial Shower Heads.

LEEDS points for our Commercial Shower Heads

Our patented Vacuum Flow® technology creates the industry’s most powerful ultra low flow shower head – 0.4975-1.25 GPM @ 50 psi. We also offer the most powerful, low-flow sink basin aerator, delivering a strong, steady stream 0.375 GPM.

Finally, our commercial pre-rinse sprayer has been certified and approved by ICC-ES and the FSTC as the #1 pre-rinse unit tested for flow rate.

Contact us for more information about our low flow commercial shower heads in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Stockton, and all over the USA.