Water Saving Technology

How does the water saving technology in our low flow shower heads work?

This water saving shower head starts with water entering our patented VACUUM flow “booster” valve where it is aerated and compacted under pressure. Due to the intense force of the vacuum chamber, the aerated water “explodes” as it exits the shower head, creating a powerful shower stream at a very low flow rate (1.25 gallons per minute or less).

1.25 GPM Shower Head Improves Shower Performance

The force of the vacuum booster valve increases the shower stream flow impact intensity by 1.75x over other conventional low flow shower streams.

Low Flow Shower Head Saves Water and Energy

By reducing the consumption of hot water, our patented aeration technology significantly lowers gas and water expenses as well as electrical costs for pumping. Effluent costs are also reduced. Choosing 1.25 GPM shower head or less saves the most water, energy and money.

Helps Solve Low Pressure Problems

Bricor’s residential and commercial shower heads not only save money on water consumption, but also resolves low water pressure. The powerful release from the vacuum chamber creates a pressure boosting effect that counters the weak flow stream that accompanies low water pressure (from 9 psi on up).

Low Flow Shower Head Technology Reduces Scale

When water enters the vacuum chamber, droplets are large and relatively slow-moving (a very undesirable trait in a flow stream). Under the intense vacuum force water droplets are compacted and highly energized. As they exit the vacuum chamber the smaller droplets both expand and vibrate rapidly. This combination of vibration, smaller-sized droplets and increased velocity dramatically reduces the formation of mineral crystals (scaling) by eliminating attachment sites on the front face of the spray plate.

Shop our low flow shower heads and other products that reduce water usage and expenses. BRICOR BLAST means a forceful feeling shower that uses very little water.