Custom Water Pressure

Why is my Water Pressure (PSI) Important?

Shower heads are measured by flow—the number of gallons they deliver per minute (gpm). Flow is affected by water pressure, measured in pounds per square inch (psi).  The greater the pressure pushing water through pipes, the greater the volume of water forced out.

Water pressure on the high side—80 psi, for example—will push a greater amount of water through a shower head than low water pressure, say 25 psi.

If you give us the psi water pressure where you will be hooking the unit up and running it, it will enable our engineering department to set the unit to maximum efficiency for the best possible savings in both water and heat energy.

You can get your own inexpensive water gauge to make the measurement yourself. You screw it down onto the shower pipe in your shower stall (after removing your shower head). When you turn on the water with the gauge in place, no water will come out, but the gauge will then give you a psi readout.

If you don’t know the psi then we will send it out to you set at standard household water pressure of 50 psi.

quarterinch water pressure gauge