Performance Low Flow Shower Heads


Flow Impact Intensity (FIT Value) is a measure of a shower head’s overall strength of flow delivery.

The Flow Strength of a shower head can be determined by a physical measure of the power that it generates, when tested on a modified *Hookian-Young’s Modulus Spring Scale System. The FIT value measured on the system is then divided by the actual amount of water that it uses in order to generate that measurement, with the result being the shower head’s overall performance value relative to the amount of water that it consumed during the test procedure. The higher the number, the better the performance (P) of the shower head relative to its strength of delivery, divided by the actual amount of water that it characteristically consumes, in order to complete its everyday mode of operation. Obviously, some shower heads will perform better than others due to the overall efficiency of their design and inherent flow strength capabilities.

Shower heads lacking in a High Flow Impact Value must use a much higher flow volume delivery (VR), in order to compensate for the lack of power. When this happens the shower head’s overall performance value (P) falls off dramatically. This can be readily calculated using the formulae shown below:

performance equation

Performance Value Rating (P) of Low-Flow Shower Heads Tested

performance value

*FIT Measurement

Bricor shower heads are measured with the patented Vacuum Flow Restrictor Valve attached, and must pull a minimum vacuum strength of -19.6 inches Hg across its air intake orifice for maximum operating efficiency. Under these conditions, for example, the B100 MAX Shower head will produce a flow strength value of 7.98 x 10³ Dynes (7.98 g-cm/sec²), when measured on a modified Hookean/Young’s Modulus Spring System, attached to a 1 foot diameter circular aluminum shield plate, held 8 inches distance from the flow volume emission point coming out of the shower head spray plate.

The Bricor B150 Elite shower head has a measurable 9.86 x 10³ g-cm/sec² Flow Impact (and running at only 1.4925 gpm) the Bricor shower head is, under these measured conditions, 1.75 times stronger than a conventional shower head running at 2.5 gpm full flow delivery, by direct comparison, and measured on the same Hookean/Young’s Tension Spring Plate Apparatus. Reference: Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 24th Edition, Pages 2219, 2216-2217 & Table 1661.