UltraMax Ultra Low Flow Shower Head

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This ultra low flow shower head is perfect for RVs, campers, cabins, boats and other situations where ultra low flow is a must. The UltraMax is performance tested with a FIT™ Value of 9.33, which makes it our most efficient shower head with one of the lowest flow rates of any shower head in the industry. This is ultra low flow shower head technology at its best. And it is has WaterSense certification.


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0.625 GPM
5.83 dynes
9.0 oz
Solid Brass

Ultramax Low Flow Shower Head

Additional information

Weight .7 lbs
Dimensions 1.75 × 1.75 × 4 in

8 reviews for UltraMax Ultra Low Flow Shower Head

  1. Tom A. (verified owner)

    I’m a boondocking RV’r who likes his hot shower, This head uses an insanely small amount of water but allows me to run the shower the whole time and not use much water. It took a dozen uses to get used to it and figure out the temp setting (full hot with a crack of cold), but when you look down and see how little water is going down the drain you begin to appreciate it for what it is. Very well built, solid metal. I’m so impressed I’m going to replace the sink aerators too. Thanks Bricor

  2. jose sanchez

    I have bough you’s for my whole house and i love it

  3. Mondueo (verified owner)

    I use this shower head in my bathroom in my house. Works great for kids or Men. I would recommend something with more pressure for Women. My wife uses the Mi$er @ 1.0gpm in a different bathroom and it’s enough for her. Saved a lot of money on water and water heater useage.

  4. Matthew Strebe (verified owner)

    Great shower head. Saves on water, heating, and water softener salt. Better than the less costly alternatives at the local hardware store. Very even flow. Little light duty for those with higher volume hair; recommend the 1.0 gpm version

  5. DonH (verified owner)

    Holy Cow!!

    I was sent the 1GPM version by accident and was very impressed with that. Bricor fixed me up with the 0.625GPM unit I ordered and I have to say this is astonishing. The flow is more than enough for me (not sure why anyone needs more). My exhaust fan is controlled by an automatic moisture sensor and it never comes on anymore even after a long shower. Saves water and no longer venting heat from the house. I use this in my home not my RV. Highly recommended!!!

  6. Melvin (verified owner)

    The shower head I received has a flow rate of 1.2 GPM, not 0.625.

  7. Frank

    I purchased the Bricor 1 GPM shower head. It works great. I am so impressed with the performance of the 1 GPM I am going to purchase the .75 gallon shower head and give that a try. I am on well water and septic system so the more water saved during every shower is great.

  8. Stewart (verified owner)

    I tested this showerhead, after setting my pressure to 15 psi, I measured 920ml delivered in 31 seconds, exactly the 0.5 gpm promised by engineering.

    The shower experience is great, as far as can be expected with the extremely low settings of 15 psi / 0.5 gpm. Very very impressive.

    I can understand why this may not be enough flow or pressure for some, but the value delivered for the infrastructure requirement is amazing. I’d be excited to see what it would do with an ordinary household pressure of 60 psi.

    Highly recommended for all, especially for environmentally conscious folks wanting to reduce their consumption.

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