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New Bricor Patent!

Bricor Patent

Bricor Analytical, Inc. has just been awarded their latest patent:
US 8,991,419 for Their Venturi Valve Pressure Compensator Apparatus.

The engineers at Bricor are constantly striving to develop new technologies to increase the ability to conserve water while creating an enjoyable showering experience. Their Venturi Valve Pressure Compensator does just that!

Many competitors’ shower heads in the low-flow market often emit a “hissing” sound when on and deliver a “stinging” sensation – you may be saving water, but not truly enjoying your showering experience.

It’s no wonder why Bricor shower heads have beaten the competition in head-to-head trials for water and energy conservation and overall comfort. The Bricor Elite-E was the clear choice for low flow shower heads by La Quinta’s Environmental Management Team – beating all comers in a shower head performance contest.

With over 15 models to choose from, there is certainly one to fit your decor and budget. Treat yourself and your family to a Bricor low-flow shower head – A Difference You Can Feel!