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Featuring a standard flow rate of just 1.25 GPM, our stylish, top-of-the-line shower head is used in hotels all across America. This luxury low-flow shower head looks great in any bathroom decor, and comes standard with a bright chrome finish, with optional satin nickel, polished brass and oil rubbed bronze finishes. The Elite-E is constructed of solid brass and is available in either 1.5025 GPM @ 50 psi, or 1.25 GPM @ 50 psi with a FIT™ Value of 8.16 Dynes.


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1.2525 GPM
8.16 dynes
19.2 oz
Solid Brass

Elite E Low Flow Shower Head

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Weight 1.2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

3 reviews for Elite-E

  1. Sean Hunt

    I was introduced to this product through an engineer in my area who has done many modifications to his home including solar and he was very pleased with this product. He stated that it was without a doubt the best bang for the buck for instant energy savings. He was absolutley correct. This is a great product. The feel of the water is just as good as a 2.5 sower head but saves a tone of water. I am on city water andpay for every gallon ao water as well as the sewer discharge and I can clearly see my savings, not to mention the savings on the hot water side. Great product and would recommend to anyone.

  2. Heather

    I have both an Elite-E and a Resort shower head with flow rate of 1.5 GPM. They are well made and work great!

  3. C. Bruce (verified owner)

    I have used the B100 Max .997gpm head and the old eco-miser 1.35gpm head in a previous home. In my new home, I employ this head in 1.25gpm/60psi guise/satin nickel and a switchable Delta 1.5gpm/2.0gpm 4-port low-flow shower head (in satin nickel; purchased on Amazon). Though the Delta flows .25 gpm more on the LOWEST setting and .75gpm more on the highest, this Bricor Elite-E gives the quality of shower situated between the two settings on the Delta; and actually closer to the 2.0gpm setting. With the Delta’s 2.0gpm setting being very comparable in feel and perceived quality to the original Moen 2.5gpm shower head that came with the home. I’m VERY pleased.

    Bottom line: you’re not going to get more shower quality at this flow rate than this Bricor head. It’s easily the equal of a 1.85gpm+ shower head, but at 1.25gpm. If you’re coming from a 2.5gpm std-flow head and want to have no perceived reduction in flow, the 1.5gpm option is for you. If you’re willing to tolerate a SLIGHT reduction in perceived flow (but with better pressure for thick hair), the 1.25gpm option will be perfect for you (and will offer 50% water savings as well!).

    Also, it wreaks of top-notch quality. Solid metal construction and cleanly cut threads made installation quite easy. Minimal teflon tape was used, unlike cheaper heads that have threads which are not cut square. The entire assembly looks and feels quite substantial. The Satin Nickel finish also perfectly matched my home’s existing Satin Nickel hardware and piping.

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