Handheld B110

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At just 1.125 GPM, this is the lowest flow rate in the industry for a low-flow hand-held shower head. This great performer features an adjustable stream with full-spray, massage and combo settings. Our chromed ABS plastic shower head system includes the head wand, a 59″ chromed brass hose and a chromed stirrup mount. (1.5 GPM model available upon request.)


  • Chromed ABS plastic head wand
  • 59″ chromed brass hose
  • chromed stirrup mount.

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Handheld B110

1.125 GPM
7.09 dynes
21 oz
Chromed ABS plastic

Handheld B110 Low Flow Shower Head

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Weight 1.32 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 9 in

4 reviews for Handheld B110

  1. S Ward

    This works excellent! It was installed at my office where we promote sustainability and energy conservation, so it’s an excellent addition to our current sustainable features to show off. It’s used daily by staff after they ride their bikes into work in the morning and is presented to guests who tour to building looking at the latest energy/water efficient features on the market. I am going to gift some of these to my family in California where everyone is required to reduce their wate consumption by 20%.

  2. Anne Schleicher

    The highest compliment I can pay to this showerhead is that you would never know that it is a low-flow model. I tried another name brand hand-held low-flow model and the water pressure & flow made taking a longer shower tempting just to get thoroughly wet. The Bricor B110 delivers a penetrating spray that keeps even my long-haired daughter happy. Truly thrilled with this water-saving model.

  3. KentuckyKen (verified owner)

    Ordered this based on reviews and helpful customer service when I called with several questions. I checked my water pressure to have this correctly set at 1.125. Since my current shower head is 1.7 gal/min, I decided to go all the way down to the lowest flow Bricor model. I was not disappointed! Despite the very low flow, it still feels close to a real shower thanks to a very small orifice that takes in air with the water flow to increase the felt pressure. So it feels fine to me and even with my low utility rate of ~ a penny per gallon, it will pay for itself in 2 years. The only real difference I can tell is that it takes about 5 seconds more to rinse my hair and a little longer to get the hot water from the tank on the other side of the house. This was a little pricey, but it delivers the savings and is a high quality device so it’s worth every penny IMHO. I appreciate the quality, especially the hose of all things. My old hand held shower had a plastic chromed hose that was stiff and didn’t hang well. This one has a true metal coil wrapped hose that is very supple making it hang well and a joy to use. If you want or need to meaningfully cut your consumption while not having to run around in the shower to get wet, Bricor is the way to go. I went 100% solar last year and my electric hot water heater is a major energy hog along with the electric dryer. This shower head helped me from having to buy any electricity from my utility. So it’s good for my wallet and good for the environment while still giving me a decent shower. I don’t think there is anything on the market that can touch this shower head.

  4. Ricky Greenwald

    This gives an excellent shower. The spray is so strong that I don’t even use it full blast. And it doesn’t cool down the hot water the way some other water-saving shower heads do. Bought one, now I’m back to buy more for the rest of the house’s showers.

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