Handheld B150

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This hotel grade, hand-held shower head offers an adjustable stream with a full-spray, massage and combo settings and features a 1.50 GPM flow delivery. Comes standard with our bright chromed ABS plastic shower head system and includes the head wand, 59″ chromed brass hose and chromed stirrup mount. Also available in Satin Nickel and Oil Ribbed Bronze. Its great new look is ideal for any decor and perfect for saving water and cutting energy costs. And it is WaterSense certified.


  • ABS plastic head wand
  • 59″ brass hose
  • stirrup mount

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Handheld B150

1.550 GPM
8.86 dynes
17.0 oz
Brass & Chrome ABS Plastic

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Weight 1.07 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 9 in

3 reviews for Handheld B150

  1. Sean Hunt

    I was introduced to this product through an engineer in my area who has done many modifications to his home including solar and he was very pleased with this product. He stated that it was without a doubt the best bang for the buck for instant energy savings. He was absolutley correct. This is a great product. The feel of the water is just as good as a 2.5 sower head but saves a tone of water. I am on city water andpay for every gallon ao water as well as the sewer discharge and I can clearly see my savings, not to mention the savings on the hot water side. Great product and would recommend to anyone.

  2. Rz

    I discovered this bricor hand held shower head while staying at the San Francisco Grand Hyatt. I was so impressed that I wrote down the name so I could look it up on the internet. The fact that it’s a low flow shower head is an extra bonus. You’d never know given the feel of the powerful spray.

  3. Ted (verified owner)

    I used to spec Bricor shower heads when I was a plumbing design engineer and my clients were always happy with the choices. I recently bought two for my home. The reason I liked Bricor is because has the push came for LEED certification so many manufacturers just added a flow restriction device to their shower head to reduce the flow from 2.5 gpm to 1.5 gpm or less. Bricor was the first company that I found that actually engineered the shower head to reduce flow while increasing the feel of the shower. I would recommend reviewing the site to learn about the vacuum pressure system.

    We needed a new shower head because my wife, who has very thick hair and a lot of it, was complaining that it was tough to get the shampoo out of her hair. She was hesitant to look at a low flow shower head because she thought it would make it tougher to get the shampoo out. But fortunately, she trusted me and my professional experience with Bricor.

    Here was the process:

    Ordered two shower heads (B150) on Wednesday, received and e-mail within an hour to verify water pressure. Responded to the e-mail and told them it was an estimate but the actual pressure may be +/- 5 psi. Again received a quick response that for the head I chose and the flow rate (1.55 gpm) the range was close enough.

    I then received the shower heads on Saturday via USPS, installed and we have been enjoying showers ever since. So the speed of delivery and customer service is top notch.

    Now for the shower head.
    Price: The price, even with shipping, is in line with quality shower heads at your local DYI store. We got the chrome shower heads (89.95 retail).

    Opening the box: All items were well packaged for shipment. All necessary items were there.

    Quality: The shower heads are slightly heavier than similar shower heads, so they feel solid and well built. Chrome threads were free of burrs and all the pieces screwed easily. I hand tightened everything, then a couple of quarter turns with a wrench.

    Test: Turned on the shower and the first thing I noticed was no leaks and connection points. There was an immediate difference from our previous 2.5 gpm shower heads in force of the shower.

    First shower: The difference was immediate in the shower. For me it felt like a nice strong shower that got me clean. For my wife, who first question was, “Why didn’t we get this shower head sooner?” Her 2nd question was, “Are you sure it’s using less water? It feels like it’s using a lot more, even when I don’t turn it on all the way.”

    So, we are very happy with the purchase and I would recommend this product and Bricor to anyone.

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