Navy B100 Max 1 GPM Shower Head

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Our Navy showerheads offer complete control; allowing you to conserve even more water. Enter the shower and take the first 15-20 seconds to wet your entire body, then reach up and slide the “navy” valve to the off position. Lather up your entire body and hair and then reach up and slide the valve back to the on position and rinse yourself clean. Total shower time is less than 3 minutes, but only 1 minutes of actual water consumption. And, the B100 Max Navy provides a very low flow as a 1 GPM shower head. And it has WaterSense certification.


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Navy B100 MAX

1.025 GPM
7.21 dynes
9.0 oz
Solid Brass

B100 Max Low Flow Shower Head

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1 review for Navy B100 Max 1 GPM Shower Head

  1. Jared (verified owner)

    I was afraid that this showerhead wouldn’t be enough water for my wife, however I took the gamble and purchased it anyways in order to save money on water and hot water energy, I have previously used a 1.6gpm Waterpik and a 1.5gpm with flow cutoff High Sierra showerhead and I don’t really notice a difference in shower quality. I use the flow valve to save more when I shower while my wife can run it full blast. I recommend this to those who are on the fence about purchasing this.

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