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How a Low Flow Shower Head Saves Water

Low Flow Shower Head Water Savings

So you’re thinking about changing out your old shower head to one that uses less water. Good for you!

If you can find a low flow shower head that feels just as satisfying, but uses much less water, it’s a no-brainer right?

  • Droughts are occurring more frequently in more and more places
  • You can save money on your water bill
  • You use less energy to heat the water, so you save on your energy bill
  • You preserve natural resources (water and fossil fuels)

There are two basic types of low flow shower heads: aerating and laminar-flow. Aerating showerheads mix air with water, forming a fine spray. Laminar-flow shower heads form individual streams of water.

Bricor makes the aerating type of low flow shower head.  In fact, Bricor patented a VACUUM flow “booster” valve, that aerates and compacts water under pressure.

Bricor engineered a way to create a lower flow than its competitors, while maintaining a strong water stream that feels satisfying.  Most people say they can’t even tell it’s a low flow shower head.

Shower heads are measured by flow—the number of gallons they deliver per minute (gpm). Flow is affected by water pressure, measured in pounds per square inch (psi).  The greater the pressure pushing water through pipes, the greater the volume of water forced out.

Water pressure on the high side—70 psi, for example—will push a greater amount of water through a shower head than low water pressure, say 25 psi.

Bricor’s shower heads are unique in that they can be customized for each order, based on the water pressure p.s.i. at the shower.  Adjusting the flow to the p.s.i. is how Bricor can achieve the lowest flow in the industry.  Bricor adjusts the air intake mechanism to fine tune how much air is infused into the water, to get the flow at the optimum level for the p.s.i.

Bricor also makes a pressure compensated shower head that needs no adjustment for p.s.i. because the adjustment happens automatically. These are the Eco-FIT® PC, the Eco-Mi$er® PC, and the Eco-Bravo® PC.

Bricor makes a variety of shower heads in a range of flow rates, and prices.  The UltraMax is the lowest flow shower head, at an astounding 0.625 gpm flow rate.  It is great for RVs or boats, where an ultra low flow is a must.  The range goes all the way up to our higher-end shower heads, such as the Elite-E, offering a great low flow in a very elegant, hotel-style finish; and the solid brass workmanship is superb.

While you are on the site please explore all the products we have to offer.  We also make aerators for basins, and pre-rinse sprayers too.

We are proud to offer our valued customers the highest quality products at the lowest flow rates available anywhere.  It’s our Life’s Work!